Crimes take place at banks, schools, malls, supermarkets, entertainment venues and office buildings. People go out of their way to rob banks, bring dangerous objects to schools and prepare to shoplift.

They are not afraid to get caught because no one is there to prevent them from doing wrong. For these major reasons, business establishments hire security guards to protect not only the premises or the items being sold, but their customers as well.

A security guard’s mere presence would make them think twice before committing a crime. Protect your business and well-being by hiring a security guard or utilizing a security guard’s services.

Scorpion Unit’s account diversification has allowed us over the years to gain very sophisticated core competencies and expertise in virtually every industry and role. This level of expertise enables us to customize our security guards selection, training, services, and management support processes to meet the unique needs of each and every client, no matter the complexity or requirements of the business relationship.

Scorpion Unit Security has a proven ability to provide superior protection for both the public and private sectors. We specialize in integrating uniformed, armed and unarmed security personnel and patrol services; we consistently utilize the ultimate in technology for protection services available today, while staying abreast of continuous changes in this high tech environment to provide the most cost-efficient, and effective protection solutions for each client’s specific needs.

We are ready to assist you in any of your security related needs.